Installing Remote Administration Tools

When working with Configuration Manager, I find it useful to have some basic Windows Remote Administration Tools handy on the same system where you plan to run the Configuration Manager Console from. I like to ensure these are installed on each Site Server, however this may not be appropriate for all environments.

These Remote Administration Tools are NOT REQUIRED for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager servers.
  1. From Server Manager, click on the Manage menu, then select Add Roles and Features
  2. Select the Role Based or feature-based installation option, then click Next
  3. Ensure the localhost (or the target servers where you intend to deploy these Roles and Features) is selected, and click Next
  4. Click on Features in the left pane. Scroll down to Remote Server Administration Tools and expand it. Then expand Role Administration Tools. Scroll down and select each of the following features:
    Group Policy Management
    Role Administration Tools 
    AD DS and AD LDS Tools 
    DNS Server Tools  
    File Services Tools 
    Network Policy and Access Services Tools
  5. Click Next, then Install.
Windows Server 2012, System Center 2012 Configuration Manager