Locating SCSM/SCOM Management Group Names

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Like Operations Manager, Service Manager, and the Data Warehouse have unique Management Group Names, however these are not displayed within the Service Manager console. To locate them, you'll need to either query the SQL Database(s), or find the value for the Server Management Groups key stored in the Registry.

Here's how you can find the Server Name in the registry using Powershell.

Windows PowerShell:

PS> Get-ChildItem "hklm:\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\Server Management Groups"

Name                    Property
----                     --------
SMMG01                     IsServer                      : 1
                           UseActiveDirectory            : 0
                           AcceptIncomingConnections     : 1
                           Port                          : 5273
                           RequireAuthentication         : 1
                           RequireEncryption             : 1
                           RequireValidation             : 1
                           Request Compression           : 1
PS >